Natural Gas Services Coming to Edgewood!

Natural Gas Services are coming to the Edgewood area – maybe near you!  On October 9th, EMW Gas Association broke ground for almost ten miles of EMW transmission and distribution pipeline in Southern Santa Fe and Eastern Bernalillo Counties!

Expansion construction, which began at the corner of Hwy 344 and Nugent Road, heads West on Nugent/Crestview for four miles.  At the Mountain Valley Road intersection, lines run East on Crestview Road and South on County Line Road to Dinkle, where the pipeline will cross I-40 and complete the distribution loop.  The complete EMW 2017 Expansion Project Map is available at:

If you’re using electricity or propane to heat your home, you can save serious money when you make the switch to natural gas. Heating with electricity or propane is probably costing you a lot more than natural gas heat.

Call EMW Gas at 505-384-2369 to learn how to find out how you can take advantage of EMW’s money-saving incentives to make the right energy choices for your family, home, or business. Many Edgewood area residents have already requested hook-ups to EMW natural gas as soon as service becomes available.  We will be glad to let you know whether the 2017 expansion is bringing gas to your neighborhood.

EMW Gas Association was founded as an inter-municipality local government entity in 1964 by the communities of Estancia, Moriarty and Willard.  With an established standard of service excellent across the Valley, EMW now provides distribution services to over 5000 and is excited to offer its services to new consumers as a result of this expansion project.

Jennifer Brayman of EMW chirped, “We get a lot of calls from people who want to convert to natural gas because it’s so much cheaper and cleaner.  Here at EMW, we always greet people with a smile – for both our old and new customers!”

Although EMW expects excellent Traffic Control during the expansion project, there may be a slight delay here and there.  We appreciate your patience and caution with our crews and contractor as we work together to provide great service to both current and future customers.

(When you call EMW Gas, be sure to request DISCOUNTED EXPANSION HOOK-UP RATES only available to customers who sign contracts during the October 2017 – January 2018 expansion project.)