IT’S THAT TIME when parents and students bemoan the end of lazy summer days, but eagerly look toward the start of a new school year.  Here’s a “Back to School” LOCAL shopping and services guide (printable versionChamber – Back to School Guide 2017). Everything you and your student needs is right here, in the East Mountains (you’ll save time, gas, and energy while also supporting your local community). If your student is heading off to college, see our “College Coming Up” for approrpriate information.  

SCHEDULES and SCHOOL INFORMATION — get the details you need to plan for bus or carpool, lunches, and more. Based on your residence location, information is available for local schools through: Moriarty Edgewood School District and Albuquerque Public Schools. Public charter and private schools in the region include: East Mountain High School, Estancia Valley Classical Academy, and Edgewood Christian School.

CLOTHING — Face it, kids grow, and that means new clothing. There are a variety of choices from “New” and “New-to-You” that will satisfy most munchkins. Several national brands have establishments in the EM region, but if you and your student are adventurous, check out the wide variety of options at local thrift/consignment shops in Church Street Market, Hug-A-Horse Thrift ShopSalvation Army Family Store, Bethel Storehouse, Talking Talons, and Hey, Mavis! They make for good, budget-friendly choices and more unique options.

MEDICAL, DENTAL and EYE CARE SERVICES — Schools periodically require up-to-date vaccination records for students. It’s also a good idea to get in routine check-ups regularly. Local providers include Moriarty Dental, First Choice Community Healthcare Clinic, New Mexico Medical, Cedar Crest Vision, and East Mountain Eye Clinic.

WELLNESS – Many families experience some level of stress or anxiety as they transition from summer schedule back to school and after-school routines. Natural wellness services and products are a helpful way to ease those stresses and assist with other concerns, like allergies, focus, and more: Edgewood Acupuncture WellnessGrace Full Living, ASEA, and Live Well, Live Free LLC.

COMPUTERS & SCHOOL SUPPLIES — A quick stop for supplies and copies is Mail & Copy. Need help with computer repair and virus control? Try Computer Shack in Edgewood. Other supplies are available at large and small national brand stores serving the East Mountain region. While not locally-owned, the gross receipts taxes they generate do stay local,and they employ local residents.

MEALS & SNACKS — Things get hectic, and occasional help with family meals can save the day. Fast food is one option, and many local restaurants are happy to take phone orders for you to pick up on your way home. Here are a few suggestions for breakfasts, dinners and treats: Dough Re Mi CafeGino’s Pizza Barn, Katrinah’s East Mountain Grill, Chili Hills, Domino’s, Pizza 9, Trails West Dairy Queen, and The Frozen Yogurt Parlor.

BATH TIME — Make it fun and purposeful. Tiny Bubbles Lovable Soaps and Pretty Peyote have great assortments of products that bubble, fizz, clean, smell fantastic, and relax your little own (and you) just in time for a peaceful night’s sleep. And, mom and dad might like a little relaxation, too!

AFTER-SCHOOL — Is your child interested in sports and activities? Check out East Mountain Nightmare for youth football and cheer. Local libraries are great resources for studying, research, Internet access, and reading support. Edgewood Community Library even has “PAWS for Reading” a monthly opportunity to read to a dog.

CAR CARE — Nothing’s worse than car problems when you’ve got the carpool kids to get to school or picked up. Locally, you have lots of choices for vehicles and maintenance: Rich Ford Edgewood, Tillery Chevrolet GMC, Unique Enterprises, East Mountain Auto & RV, or Tony’s Service Center.

When you shop locally, not only do you simplify your life, but you are supporting a local business that is employing local residents, and that pays local taxes that support local services to the community. BEST OF LUCK to students and families as you being the NEW SCHOOL YEAR!