BeeHive Homes of Edgewood

A hidden gem in Edgewood, Beehive Homes provides a home-like assisted living complex located at Quail Trail and Church Street, where friendly staff provide seniors with the assistance they need to remain in our community as they age. Owner Gerald Hamilton began in the industry as a teen and knew at an early age that service to seniors would become his life’s work. Today, with a degree in Finance and an MBA, he brings 30 years’ experience in assisted living and nursing homes to lead his team from a position of knowledge and compassion. He is a long-time New Mexico resident who has made his Edgewood and Taylor Ranch Beehive locations note-worthy stand outs in the regional market.

Beehive Edgewood is actually two separate buildings to keep the setting small, but accommodate more residents. Each offers a central living/dining area, fully-furnished private rooms and 24-hour staff who assist with routine activities of daily living and can monitor medications in accordance with state regulations. Home-cooked meals are prepared on-site, and residents don’t have to worry about household tasks like laundry and housekeeping, it’s done for them. Regular social activities are encouraged and, when needed, additional levels of care can be provided up to and including hospice. For seniors who are still independent, there are Beehive Senior Apartments, located right next door.

Since 2010, Beehive has filled a much-needed niche for quality senior care and services in the Edgewood area. Additional information can be obtained at or by calling (505) 270-9092.