Lobo Protective Services, LLC
Edgewood, NM, USA

“We do it all”

Lobo Protective Services, L.L.C., is a N.M. based security service with its roots originally focused on location set security for the NM Film Industry. It is also a leader in un-armed PRIVATE Security for clients, ranging from Apartment Complexes and H.O.A. services to Retail and contractor Site security. and EVENT security.

Lobo Protective Services, L.L.C., has been involved in N.M. film security for over 5 years. Founder Adrian Chavez Sr. has decided to approach security in this thriving industry and in our local communities from a perspective of being Proactive rather than Reactive. Our guards are N.M. state certified and are challenged daily to maintain the highest level of professionalism. Observe and Report is the bare minimum.