The Art Farm UNIncorporated
Sandia Park, NM, USA

David Augustyniak is the owner, operator and creative vision of The Art Farm UnIncorporated, UnI(You and I) Fungi, The Southwest Funga Fest and The Grey Area! The Art Farm is a beyond organic, family owned teaching farm, focused on permaculture principles, natural farming, the soil food web, mycology, citizen science and the arts. UnI Fungi is a commercial mushroom teaching farm, focused on sourcing all materials organic and hyper local whenever possible, to deliver the freshest fungi from our farm to your feast. 

David graduated from the UNM School of Architecture and Planning in 2010. He is currently finishing his advanced permaculture certificate from The Advanced  Permaculture Student Online. He has hosted and taken several MYCOLOGY courses in NM and Colorado. He has been affiliated with New Mexico Mycological Society for over six years and has served as Vice President and President for two years each. He has annually attended the Telluride mushroom festival since 2014. He is passionate about nature and being an earth steward. He is an enthusiast mycologist with an endless list of interests and an intense focus on fungal preservation. David considers himself a lifelong student, learner, teacher, facilitator and family man. 

He plans to continue to learn everyday, spread his passion as far as possible and create wholistic long lasting systems for the next forever generations!

“May the spores be with you!”

-Better Together 

Farm Mission STATEMENT-

  • The Art Farm UnIncorporated focuses on helping enrich community involvement and fluency.
  • Leading by example, we hope to help individuals enrich their lives by connecting to their passion whether it is through art or Mother Nature!
  • We believe teaching, and sharing with others in our CommUNITY play a crucial and key role in our survival as species on this planet. 


The Art Farm UnIncorporated is a family owned, beyond organic, Permaculture, Citizen Science, Mycology, and Art focused, teaching/sharing farm. We source all materials hyper local and have the highest possible standards for all the ingredients that go into production and growing methods on our farm. We have a firm philosophy to up cycle as many different things and repurpose resources as many times as possible before shoving them into Pacha-mama’s mouth. 

We believe teaching and sharing with others in our CommUNITY play a crucial and key role in our survival as a whole on this planet. Once we finish our lab (this winter) we plan to preserve and clone as many wild local strains of fungi from NM as we can find and offer them to the community in the form of food and science.

We are very grateful and humble for all and any support we receive and have received to this point. Thank you all for your kindness and belief in the UnI Vision. 

From all of us here at The Art Farm  many blessings and mush LOVE.

-Better Together 

“May the Spores be with you!”


This is a list of all the courses and classes I have taught, a list of qualifications to describe my person David Augustyniak. 

  • NMMS- New Mexico Mycological Society 
  • President- 2years, Vice President- 2years
  • New Mexico State Fair 
  • ACCESS NM- Arts, Culture, Community, Education, Sports, Science, (Teaching 2nd graders @ Delores Gonzales Elementary)
  • Santa Fe Railyard Stewards 
  • Santa Fe Institute
  • Slow Food Santa Fe
  • Oasis NM
  • Albuquerque Garden Center 
  • The Hubble House 
  • R- Future 2023- MycoFutures Panel
  • Podcasts


The Art Farm UnIncorporated (independent classes)- These are classes we offer to the community.

  •  Cooking Mushrooms with UnI Fungi Classes,
  •  Cultivation Classes,
  •  Fungal Frontier, 
  • Citizen Science “The Leading Edge”, 
  • Mushrooms 101,
  •  Mushrooms of New Mexico and the Southwest

2023 Southwest Funga fest

This is information pertaining to the festival my team and i are beginning to organize this year 

JULY 27th-30th 2023

Northern, NM


2023 SW Funga Fest Announcement 

We are excited to announce the 2023 South West Funga Fest!

After an abundant year of mushrooms, friendships and more, we quickly started to realize that more people had to be exposed to nature and that educating our peers was going to be the most effective way of safeguarding our planet.

Thereby we had no choice but to start organizing an event that would bring the community together under the power of fungi and the wisdom we can derive from them! 

Stay tuned as we reveal all our amazing teachers! 

Early bird tickets will be available for purchase in February so stay tuned and stay shroomed!!

SW Funga Fest Festival Description  

Here at The Art Farm with our own years of experience, and the great ideas of others we have been planning our own annual fungal event in our lifelong home of New Mexico. 34 years in the making we want to prep everyone for the “2023 Southwest fUNGA fEST”.

Many do not know but during our monsoons if the conditions are right, New Mexico is actually one of the most fungally diverse places in the United States with several hundred species making an appearance in our many diverse microclimates spread throughout the state all year long. 

As an active member and serving officer of the New Mexico Mycological Society since 2014, David Augustyniak has inoculated and set an extensive mycelial network down to open the doors for collaborative efforts, with colleagues spread throughout the many avenues of the Mega Science known as “MYCOLOGY”.

Join the U.n.I Vision as we embark on this journey in collaboration with many local farms, artists, musicians, and mush, mush, more…..

“Think Global, Act Local”

We plan to host-

FEATURED Mycologists, citizen science activities, fungal DNA sequencing and preservation, in the field forays, local mushroom farm collaborations, local chef mushroom cook-off, mushroom dying,  fungal photography, FUNCTIONAL Fungi Education, soil biology tent, R-Database collection site, food trucks, and MUSH more to come. 


July 27-30, 2023 Thursday-Sunday 

Contact (505)259-4280 for sponsorship, volunteering, vendor spots etc.


Applications coming sooner then later. 

Please understand this is a collaborative effort and will take some extensive planning and effort. We are human and not perfect, so please understand we were here to learn from one another and always BETTER TOGETHER. 

“May the spores be with you!”

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