Growing up in Queens, NY, two things have resonated with Vince since he was a youngster; he loves to serve people, and he goes above and beyond in whatever he does.

At the age of 17, Vince’s love to serve people led him to join the Air Force, where he faithfully served our country for over 20 years. As Vince transitioned from military life back to civilian life, he moved to New Mexico and soon began a new career as a real estate broker. Real estate was always an interest of Vince, because he knew it would allow him to meet, interact, and serve people.

As a man of faith, Vince firmly believes in “doing the right thing”. Real estate provides Vince the opportunity to build relationships, meet new people, and practice “doing the right thing” when dealing with his buyers and sellers.
Being a real estate broker has allowed Vince to be intimately involved in his three sons’ lives over the years due to the flexibility of his schedule. Being able to provide for his family while maintaining a desire to be a family man has benefitted Vince and his family greatly over the years.

Vince’s desire to always go above and beyond for each real estate transaction is how he best serves his clients and is the driving force behind real estate success.

Vince Bonino Real Estate