From the Director

As the new Executive Director of the Chamber,  I’m happy to say that these are exciting times for Edgewood and for our region.   All are  positive changes that will have in impact on the economic viability of our community and our businesses.
We are now contracted by the Town of Edgewood to serve as the
Economic Development arm for the community and we are enjoying some successes early in the venture. (See Economic Development page).

Internally, we’ve adjusted office efficiency, reviewed our programs and events to make positive changes, and enhanced the benefits of membership. We have increased our outreach into the community through the press and revamped many of our communication pieces to focus on members. Our team is stronger than ever and always here to assist our members.

I always want to hear our member’s concerns and what they need from us. As a membership organization, I know ultimately I am here to serve our members. Given that, we have restructured many of our committees to focus on our member’s needs and to get legislators to hear their voice. Our focus for the future is jobs, growth and a pro-business agenda.

In conclusion, the near future will be important years for our community and the Chamber. As a Chamber, we will continue to strive to be strong, proactive and involved.  Our overreaching goal is to stand behind our members to help make their businesses flourish. We hope you will  join us and enjoy the many benefits of membership and support of our mission.

Brenda Murray, Executive Director
Edgewood Chamber of Commerce