Economic Development Committee of Edgewood Chamber of Commerce

Report for Town of Edgewood for the period: January 1- October 29, 2014
The Economic Development Committee of the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce is pleased and excited to be working on the future of our community with the Town of Edgewood! Though we are not a decision-making body and have no authority,  we are actively engaged in assisting the Town of Edgewood in  inviting investment, jobs, and solid business to our community. In addition, we are actively working with the Town to assure that our town and her businesses are showcased at every opportunity.

• A Hotel Research Study NOT including traffic on I40 and Old Route 66 shows we’re losing approximately 30,000 room nights to Albuquerque and Moriarty annually. This study was completed in January, 2014 by the ECOC office, utilizing reporting and interviews with businesses and individuals in the community. A copy of that study is available by emailing the ECOC for a copy.
• The committee worked with TOE to bring in an outside firm to do a Hotel Feasibility study for the community. The 88 page report which is now available shows: “Developing and operating a Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites (level hotel ) in Edgewood, New Mexico should generate an unleveraged, pre-tax return on total invested capital approaching 14%, with a return on equity exceeding 34%. These returns include a professional management fee. This is a good hotel investment.”
Report is available for review to those interested.


• Bi monthly meetings with the Mayor and Town Administrator have been taking place since January 2014
On October 22, 2014, Mayor Brad Hill addressed  members of the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce at the Chambers’s monthly lunch to update them on short and long term developments taking place in Edgewood.

  • SHORT TERM ACTIVITIES: Seven building permits have been issued so far in 2014.   Two or 3 more may be in the offing. In contrast only one permit was pulled in 2013 .  No permits were pulled in 2012.  There will be approximately $7 million spent on construction projects in Edgewood over the next few months.  Specifically:
  • Rainbow Rd, Walker Rd and Horton Rd will be paved.
  • Denny’s hopes to begin construction sometime in the first week of November
  • Bids for the new animal control facility and new police station  are now closed.  Completion of the Animal Control facility (2100 sq feet) and the new police station (2600 sq feet) will be a 7-9 month project.
  • O’Reilly auto parts has already broken ground for it’s new store in Liberty Square
  • Verizon has just leased a new 3000 sq. foot space in Edgewood and will opening in the next 30 days.  Verizon will be using an existing building for their business
  • Sandia Labs Federal Credit Union will be breaking ground for it’s new facility in Liberty Square sometime in the Spring of 2015.

LONG TERM PLANS: Long term term development will take on both regional and national significance.   On November 7, 2014, Mayor Brad Hill  will be meeting with Commissioner Anaya (Santa Fe), Mayor Hart of Moriarty and several others.  Several priorities for the Town  have already been established.  They are: Economic Development, Health Care and Housing.  An Edgewood Town Hall  meeting is being planned after the first of the year to solicit community input.  The town of Moriarty will be scheduling a similar meeting to discuss these issues.


Regional Health Care Facility: The current First Choice Health Care facility serves patients from all over the tri-county area.  It has rapidly outgrown it’s current facility.  Long term plans call for a First Choice Health Care Commons.  Historically, such projects were funded by Congressional appropriations.  The type of funding can be difficult to secure, so efforts are underway to identify funding from other sources. Current plans call for a facility that will be across from the Municipal facility in Section 16.  The First Choice expansion will bring as many as 200 jobs to the area

Drought Research Facility:  The mayor has been working closely with New Mexico State Representative Jim Smith to bring a facility to Edgewood that would focus on drought research. A world-renowned climatologist who resides in the East Mountains has agreed to participate in initiation of the project. This would have tremendous value for the Estancia Valley as well as for the Southwest, in general.

Town Center/ Edgewood Commons:  The long term goal of the Town is to  position Edgewood as a “Lifestyle Community” with a lot to offer, and to  move away from the perception that we are just a bedroom community.   The town wants to attract millenials, as well as younger families.  For example,  many of the engineers moving here to take jobs with Google will be younger and have lifestyle preferences that will dictate living in a town that can meet their needs. There will be some people who may still favor living in a large metropolitan area, but there will be a significant number who will come to see the lifestyle offered in Edgewood as a place in which  they would prefer to raise a family.  Section 16 is a beautiful part of Edgewood.  Thoughtful development of that area will allow people to identify a central focal point to which they can relate as the “core” of Edgewood  instead of just a place where 2 highways intersect.  A lot of careful planning has gone into how this center will look and be developed.  For example: the animal control facility and police departments have been deliberately sited so that they will screen the public works building from view, making the overall look more pleasant.  Significant planning and time have gone into architectural and landscape designs for the area. There will be space reserved for parking as well as walking trails and  bicycle  paths.  The town will continue its commitment to the equestrian lifestyle that many enjoy.  There will be walking paths to the First Choice Health Commons as well as room for the drought research institute.  There will be a bridge across Bachelor Draw –a beautiful place in Section 16–which will be a natural focal point for the park area.

Recreational Facilities:  The Town is very cognizant of the need to address the concerns of younger families.  The Boys and Girls Clubs are looking at the old Mountainview Elementary School in Moriarty as a potential location.  Discussions are also taking place between the Town of Edgewood , the Edgewood- Moriarty School District and the YMCA for use of the old Edgewood Elementary School as a YMCA facility.

Edgewood as a Retail Center for the Region: Edgewood has become a retail center for the region.  The Edgewood Wal Mart , for example, is the only one between here and Amarillo.  It draws people from as far away as Santa Rosa.  Other  businesses in town also draw from a larger geographical area beyond the borders of the Town.  This ads to the gross receipts taxes collected for the town, which are an essential component of town survival.


The Chamber was privileged to be part of the official ceremonies to announce the creation of the new Google facility at the Moriarty Municipal  Airport.  We are actively working with Google to support  the needs of it’s employees in relocation to this area  and are actively seeking opportunities to acquaint them with amenities in the Town.

• Since January, the Economic Development Committee  has contacted 3 Car Wash companies, five hotel companies, four retail stores, three restaurant chains, two engineering firms, and various real estate, development, and business associations in the area. We are presently working with some of those entities.
We are available to assist any business members of the community, and welcome your visit to discuss any issues.
• We are beginning the process of publishing a new Relocation and Economic Information Guide for Edgewood. We will be utilizing this publication to attract new businesses, and to offer assistance to those in Edgewood who need information about the community. All businesses will have the opportunity to advertise in the publication which will be printed annually. Advertising price sheets will be published soon.
Submitted by:
Brenda Murray, Executive Director ECOC
Robin Markley,  President ECOC
Tom Torres, Chair Economic Development Committee ECOC

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