Elythia McAnarney of NMPTAC Speaking at ECOC October 19 Lunch Mtg

Our October Guest Speaker, Elythia McAnarney, is an advisor at New Mexico Procurement Technical Assistance Center in Albuquerque, and she’ll be taking about the many opportunities for NM businesses to gain government contracts. Did you know that small businesses often provide services, labor, or materials to fulfill government projects in New Mexico (think Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Interior, and more). Everything from staffing, to electricians, to transportation, materials, and more are needed for government projects and programs. There are many opportunities to explore.

Have you dreamed about your small business growing bigger? Have you ever wondered how to get larger contracts? Maybe you’ve been too intimidated to consider bidding on Government contracts?  As a New Mexico business, you have certain advantages in the bidding process for NM contracts.  NMPTAC services are FREE. Come find out how your business might benefit!