Expanding Business Opportunities — Resources at Your Fingertips

We’re often asked by business owners how they can expand their customer base. Of course, it’s a little different for each business, but there are some common options to consider — many are right at your fingertips. First, remember, your best customers are your current customers. Recognize them, thank them for their business, and ask them to refer their friends to your business. Consider a customer referral bonus of some sort — at Greater Edgewood  Area Chamber (GEAC), when a member brings a prospective member to a meeting and they subsequently join the chamber, we add a free month of membership on to the referring member’s renewal.

Next, use your electronic options to cost-effectively means to share news about your business and encourage people to come in or contact you (offer a  service reminder or small enticement). Be sure your website is up to date, periodically reach out via email, and post regularly on your Facebook and Instagram pages. There are tools to make options easy enough you can do them from your smartphone.

Lastly, use traditional media to create and sustain brand recognition. In our region we have a number of options in print media (The Independent newspaper, East Mountain Shopper direct mail magazine, and Pulse on the Ridge community magazine are a few). Local public radio KXNM 88.7 FM in McIntosh reaches a central New Mexico audience and businesses can sponsor their programming.

It’s also important to take advantage of promotional opportunities that build your profile and the community’s awareness of your business. It’s easy to find opportunities through GEAC such as grand openings, networking meetings, EXPOs, and sponsorship events. But, you should also be running your own promotions in your business. Something that grabs attention, is seasonal, or reminds customers of a need. An age-old marketing approach: sell them the solution to a problem they didn’t know they had. What does that mean? It means you’re the expert, so remind them of a product or service that is timely (an upsell, or ad campaign) in a simple way: Is it time for your oil change? (for a vehicle service) Don’t forget the milk. (for a convenience store) Got your flu shot? (for a clinic or pharmacy) Don’t miss our deserts. (for a restaurant) How long since your poop was pumped? (for a septic service)

We’re here to help you with ideas and resources. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and dial (505) 596-0566 or send an email.