MAGS Ammo Donation to Moriarty Police Department

A donation of $2,000 worth of ammunition to Moriarty Police department was triggered when local residents and owners of MAGS Indoor Shooting Range, David and Marcy Tixier, recently found themselves discussing the barrage of bad press law enforcement around the country received in recent years. The couple decided to do something positive to show their support for local law enforcement.

They approached Moriarty Police Chief Bobby Garcia to share their desire. He suggested the most effective donation would be ammunition. On Friday, February 17, the Tixiers presented Chief Garcia with 5,000 rounds of .45 and .223 caliber ammunition for use in the city’s handguns and rifles.

“We are very grateful,” said Garcia, explaining the donation will allow an additional one to two weapons training days for the department’s nine officers.

In addition to tactical field training, Moriarty police department members regularly participate in weapons practice at MAGS, so the staff and owners feel a personal connection to these public servants. 

“We’re really so proud of [Moriarty] police force,” said Marcy Tixier. “We need our police to be strong and prepared.”

MAGS Indoor Shooting Range, located at 410 Camino Oriente in Morairty, has eight shooting lanes, a retail area, and offers on-site training, including concealed carry classes.

By Linda Burke, Edgewood Chamber of Commerce