The communities of Moriarty, McIntosh, and Estancia, have very unique identities, but are linked together by NM Hwy 41. Continue west along Hwy 55 to reach the Salina Pueblo Missions.

Moriarty – At the crossroads of Historic Route 66 and Hwy 41, and adjacent to Interstate 40, Moriarty displays a unique blend of history, commerce, and recreational opportunities. Travel services and food stops abound. For Route 66 travelers, there is no denying the many original buildings along Moriarty’s Central Avenue harken one’s imagination to a time when The Mother Road was the heartbeat of the nation.

Today, travelers from around the world come to explore wide open road and this symbol of freedom. Be sure to have the authentic adventure by experiencing a classic motel or RV park, a Whiting Brothers gas station, Lewis Automotive Museum, and the Soaring Museum. Visitors will appreciate the Moriarty Historical Society’s museum inside the Civic Center – filled with photos, items, and memories of a by-gone era. Moriarty is also home to farms & ranches, an airport, a motocross track, and an incredible Pumpkin Patch (a seasonal treasure).

McIntosh – Home to KXNM Radio and a Post Office is a rural, agriculture community that sits between Moriarty and Estancia. If you appreciate wide open spaces and a quiet community, McIntosh may just be the perfect fit.

Estancia – Famous  for its annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival each October, Estancia is a little oasis in the country. Arthur Park features fountains, a fishing pond, and swimming pool. The town’s tree-lined streets and classic architecture are different from other areas of New Mexico, but the history of this place is evident. Estancia’s long history includes settlements of Spaniards and Pueblo Indians, and it’s colorful past even includes being the site of the last legal hanging in New Mexico. As the county seat, Estancia is also home to Torrance County government and the county’s Judicial Complex.