“Open for Business” List

“OPEN for BUSINESS – in Many Ways” (click for list of businesses)

Many local businesses are operating in different ways, creatively trying to serve the community without risking the safety of their employees or customers. Shopping locally supports our community and helps customers avoid the riskier densely populated cities. Click on the “OPEN for BUSINESS” link above for current status on member businesses. Additional info, community resources, and business directory also available. Share this chamber link with friends and family Greater Edgewood Area Chamber

As consumers, we can be creative too. Businesses are trying to accommodate, but if you have an idea, please share it with that business directly. Let’s think outside the box.

Face-to-Face businesses (medical, chiropractic, therapist, car repair, insurance, financial, personal trainer, etc) might be possible to conduct consultations online or by phone. Some medical providers may have protocols to make in-person visits possible. Call them first.
Shop/Sit Down businesses (retail stores, restaurants, home supplies, etc) call and arrange pick-up/take-out/delivery. Gift shops, home and garden supplies, feed stores can arrange to fulfill your order and have it ready for you (some may even have contactless delivery options).
Hands-On businesses (salon, barber, groomer, massage, etc) are ideal for gift card purchases now and use when shutdown is lifted – we’re all going to need haircuts when social distancing ends.

Easy ways to support local businesses:
1. Give them a Shout Out on your social media (tell what you miss, how you can support them). Tag them or include their social media link.
2. Write a POSITIVE Review on Yelp or Google (you always meant to, now you have the time to do it).
3. “Buy Today for Tomorrow” – find your favorite local business online and purchase a gift card today that you can use in the future. This is a NM Dept of Economic Development program. www.BuyNMLocal.com
4. Make a donation to a business/non-profit to help them pay their staff.

Local businesses are a huge part of what small town life is about and they are also our neighbors. We’re all in this together, let’s keep our communities strong by supporting local businesses and each other