Snow Removal

Snow removal in the East Mountain region is handled by numerous government entities, as well as many private snow removal service providers. For public roads and areas, contact State, County, Municipal, and Utilities providers — please go to our Community Resources pages.

Private service providers (for private roads, driveways, parking lots, etc) —This list is provided as courtesy information only. Please be aware that Snow Plowing/Snow Removal service providers on this list have not been vetted or approved by Greater East Mountain Chamber and are not members of the chamber for snow removal services. These providers charge varying fees for their services (we recommend you inquire in advance). This list is in no particular order, and likely does not include all snow removal operators in the East Mountain region.

Snow Removal
Chris Wolthius (505) 414-5273
Bobby Rosales (972) 552-0301
John Giovenco (505) 228-3027
Neil Schuit (505) 269-1912
It’s Time Landscaping – Hunter Milligan (505) 301-9195
Neil Schuit (505) 269-1912
Kirk Jackie Powell (505) 908-1275
Jeff Bradley (505) 239-7307
Ten points (505) 281-3091
Edward Walter Salazar Sr. (505) 389-0861
John Taylor (505) 289-4444
Danilo Olivas (505) 917-4704
Cody Diehl (505) 221-7092
Chris Ortiz (505) 592-7561
Two Brothers (505) 261-2681
Real Clean Services Inc (505) 410-9302, (505) 281-7887, (505) 410-7653
David Salinas (505) 385-3817
Warren Snyder (505) 980-7862

Vehicle Pull Out
Ben Gutierrez — (505) 410-3753
“Stuck in the snow let me know and I’ll come pull you out F250 with a 12000 lb winch”