We would like to give 2-4 students the opportunity to get a little “professional” experience in developing social media content and marketing. Student work product may be published on chamber social media and/or website. These are unpaid service learning internships. However, the chamber will be happy to provide a Letter of Reference (based on actual performance),and/or a Letter of Community Service (based on actual performance). As a thank you for successful completion of each Internship, we will offer gift card(s) to local business(es).

Social Media Internship
 (part-time, temporary)
Develop social media posts and visual content to help promote tourism and community outreach for local chamber of commerce. Involves developing 2-3 targeted posts with inviting/intriguing local images (photo and/or video) on a weekly basis.
  • Desire to gain marketing experience and knowledge
  • Basic understanding of how to create posts for Facebook and Instagram, and website content
  • Basic concept of story or mood creating visual media (photos, videos) for Facebook and Instagram posts, and website content
  • Good writing skills (including spelling, grammar, and punctuation)
  • Ability to take high resolution marketing photos/video of East Mountain destinations, vistas, and local events (smart phone camera is fine)
  • Ability to work remotely with limited guidance
  • Ability to manage time and meet weekly deadlines
  • Must have transportation to get to East Mountain/Estancia Valley locations/destination on a regular basis
To apply, DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE this GEM 2021 Summer Internship Social Media Application form, then email as attachment to Linda Burke at: director@EdgewoodChamberNM.com by latest June 30, 2021 (priority consideration for applications received by June 21).