Sponsorship Opportunities

Triple Crown Sponsorship


The Triple Crown Sponsorship is the premium business membership level. It is designed for large businesses to give you the maximum level of Chamber benefits available.

Currently Rich Ford EdgewoodEdgewood WalmartSASS, and EPCOR are 2013 Triple Crown Sponsors.

This premium sponsorship includes many benefits to promote your business in the community. Contact the Chamber for more information on this exclusive opportunity.

Additional Sponsorship Levels

Each major Chamber event offers members the opportunity to become a White, Red, and Blue Ribbon Sponsor for that event. Commitments of $250, $325, and $500 are available for your business and bring numerous benefits to boost your presence in the community.

Run, Rally, and Rock, Leadership Edgewood Program, and the Annual Banquet offer different benefits for each event your business decides to sponsor.

If you would like to sponsor all 3 chamber events, you can get extra benefits with our Triple Crown Sponsorship Level.