1) The steak will be judged on: presentation on the plate, degree of
doneness (*medium), tenderness and taste. *Medium” will be evaluated as pink and moist in the center of the rib eye. Remember that degree of doneness is one of the very important criteria in the steak judging.

2) Entries with any identifying marks (brands, etc) will be disqualified

3) At 1 PM : two ribeye steaks will be distributed to each team. One will be submitted for judging, the other may be used for practice and tasting.
You may submit ONLY the meat provided by officials. Any cook substituting “outside” meat will be disqualified. Bring an ice chest to keep the meat fresh while you are performing your recipe miracles.

4) When you are given your steaks, you will also be given a box with an envelope inside. We will provide a “generic “ plate for your steak to preserve the anonymity of the contestants for the judges. DO NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPE. The box will be used to present your steak to the judges. You will take the envelope with you when winners are announced. You may only open your envelope when the winning numbers are announced. At this time you will learn your judging number!

5) At 3:30 PM a cow bell will ring. Place your cooked steak on the plate provided , in the official box and take it to the judges’ table. Steaks turned in after the second 3:35 Cow Bell will NOT be judged.

6) There will be 3 judges. Three positions will win prizes. First prize is a custom diskette grill. The judges’ rulings and selection will be final.

How this works:
• Your team of 2 to 4 brings your clean grill (any fuel, however electricity not provided), utensils, your great recipe, and your “secret” ingredients.
• We provide 2 rib eye steaks, plastic gloves for sanitary handling, boxes for judging, generic plate, the judges and the prizes. You will be cooking in an outside location on the Rich Ford West lot.
• All areas must be set up by 1pm.
While distributing steaks at 1pm, we will review the rules.
3:00 Steak sample bits to public (free)
3:30 One complete steak turned in for judging.
4:pm Awards Presentation

2015 Steak Cook-Off Entry Form