Ways to Keep Our Local Economy Going

Our local businesses are working and adapting to fulfill community needs during this unprecedented time. Most local small businesses have the flexibility to be very accommodating, so call them and place an order for pick up. Conduct business with them over the phone or online. Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, to see if they need anything and help them order it and then pick it up for them. 20 Things you Can do to Support Local Business (printable list)

With most people remaining at home, it’s the perfect time to do small home projects — call in orders for supplies and pick up. If you typically eat out 1-2 meals a week, purchase a gift certificate or two  from local restaurants and just use them later. And, don’t forget your pets and livestock supplies too.

As a community, the East Mountains has always pulled together to be there for each other. Let’s support each other and help everyone get through this difficult disruption to our ‘normal.’