Why Shopping Locally Matters

Our business and community prosperity are inseparably linked, THAT’S WHY SHOPPING LOCALLY MATTERS. On the national news, we hear of economic crisis as a fallout of COVID-19. How can we help assure our community doesn’t suffer serious economic impact?

We all have a choice. We can choose to support our local economy, to help our local businesses weather this economic storm, and to help our neighbors and ourselves at the same time. By shopping locally, we are also avoiding big city crowds and reducing our potential exposure to COVID-19.

While “Shop Local” and ”Keep It Local” may seem like catch phrases, they are actually reminders that in small communities like ours, the economy is personal. We know our local business owners and staff – they are our neighbors – and we see them when we shop, eat out, or go to a professional’s office for healthcare, insurance, or vehicle repair. THAT’S WHY shopping locally matters – each one of those people represents an East Mountain-Estancia Valley family.

As a community, if we fail to support our local businesses, especially during this worldwide crisis, those are the very faces that will be impacted if a business has to lay off employees or close.

Local economics goes even further still. Every one of those retail establishments, purchase supplies and services from other often local businesses you don’t see. And, locally-employed families tend to spend more of their paychecks in this community, too. As such, those dollars keep circulating and re-circulating in our local economy. THAT’S HUGE.

Our local communities are funded, in part, by the gross receipts taxes (GRTs) that businesses are required to collect on sales. A percentage of those funds come back to the very community in which they were collected. GRT revenues are what your local city, town, or village use to provide community safety, maintain roads, and support recreational opportunities. THAT’S SIGNIFICANT to our communities.

If we support our local businesses, they can employ our neighbors and bring us the conveniences and services we want to have here in the East Mountains and Estancia Valley. Our business and community prosperity are inseparably linked, THAT’S WHY SHOPPING LOCALLY MATTERS.

To find businesses, services, and resources throughout the EM-EV region, go to: http://GreaterEdgewoodAreaChamber.com/.

Linda Burke
Executive Director
Greater Edgewood Area Chamber